TAPS Support Website

We’re passionate about breaking down the barriers between patients and research, which is why we built the TAPS Support Website. This valuable resource contains up-to-date information in everyday language, explaining the technical aspects of Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence, as well as providing access to necessary research for patients.

Breaking Down A Diagnosis

A diagnosis can be overwhelming, and can also be a confusing time. Patients are faced with a lot of information and medical jargon. We’ve created the TAPS Support Website in order to explain the technical side of things, and also introduce patients to the researchers behind their disease.

From explaining how TAPS is diagnosed, to the complexities of laser surgery, and explaining the difference between TAPS and Acute TTTS – we’ve made it easy to access the information you need.

We also provide information on the long term effects of TAPS, provide explanations of different aspects of the diagnosis, and provide free tools to help patients advocate before and after a diagnosis.

Up-To-Date Information

Our commitment is to provide the latest research, meaning we work with our research advisors and regularly update our content to incorporate the latest findings. We regularly update our pages, check for inaccuracies and stay on top of research. As the research is published, we’re updating our website.

Easy To Find

We listen to our Facebook Group members, and our online inquiries to stay on top of what questions are being asked. Also integrated into our writing culture is utilizing SEO and creating optimized articles. Our SEO specialist, Jay, (and his padawan, Stephanie) perform keyword magic to make sure that the TAPS Support Website is easily found, and is relevant to the questions people have.

The TAPS Support Website

Visit The TAPS Support Foundation’s advocacy website and learn more about TAPS with our free, up-to-date resources.

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