From reunions of parents to funding research projects, the TAPS Support foundation raises funds for different reasons.

On this page you’ll find information and updates about the projects we are raising money for, links to critical research, and breakdowns of how we spend the money we fundraise.

Current Fundraising Projects.

In March, 2021 we launched our first research project. We are raising money towards funding a part-time, post-doctoral position based at the LUMC in Leiden, the Netherlands. Rare disease research is often underfunded, and with creating this position, we hope to further continue the incredible research started by Dr. Lisanne Tollenaar.

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Future Projects

Our future plans for projects within the foundation are:

  • supporting future TAPS researchers
  • extending existing TAPS research projects
  • raising awareness of TAPS through websites, articles and media
  • providing opportunities for TAPS families to connect, both online and in person.

Existing Projects

Visit the TAPS Support Website. Here we’re raising the profile of Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence with easy to access information and sharing the stories of families diagnosed with TAPS.

Our Facebook community connects parents with one another, and `gives them a place to talk about the issues that are relevant to them. One of the things that is a common theme in our community is that parents often feel lost in a world of jargon. Many care providers dismiss TAPS as having the same outcomes as TTTS, and this isn’t true. We provide a safe, supportive space with access to the latest research, and break down barriers between researchers and doctors so that people can advocate successfully.

Information About Projects by Stichting TAPS Support

For more information about our projects, or for information about volunteering with Stichting TAPS Support, get in touch.