The TAPS Support Foundation partners with organizations with similar philosophies and ideals to our own. We consider these organizations to be friends, and share mutual goals, as well as collaborating on projects and freely sharing information to our members. The TAPS Support Foundation invites any organization to connect with us and discuss prospective partnerships as well.

We rise by lifting others.

Robert Ingersoll

The TAPS Support Foundation partners proudly with:

Professional & ResearchPartners

Scientific and medical illustrations are an art form, and critical to helping both medical professionals and patients to convey knowledge and information, as well as to adapt it to different audiences.

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We’re proud to support the ongoing research into TAPS through the TAPS Trial. This vital clinical trial hopes to shed more light on the best treatment for TAPS.

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Our Twin Talks webinars are created in conjunction with the LUMC Fetal Therapy Team, and this innovative collaboration brings us exciting insights into the world of twin research.

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We’re proud to endorse the upcoming certifications from the Neonatal Butterfly Project. Watch this space.

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We are proud supporters of the Neonatal Butterfly Project, raising awareness of loss in multiple births worldwide.

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Partner Organizations

NVOM partners stichting taps support foundation
The Dutch Multiple Birth Association (NVOM) supports research and families of multiples across Dutch-speaking countries in the world. They provide research grants, support, and resources that benefit parents of multiples in the Netherlands.

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ttts support team taps support partners stichting foundation
The TTTS Support Team support families who have received a diagnosis of  Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome by creating connection, community, and awareness.

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We are experienced specialists in complex birth care.
We give healthcare professionals insights from a parent perspective in order to be meaningful for the psychological well-being of parents.
“A parent’s first 1000 days are crucial for a child’s development.”
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The Fetal Health Foundation supports families receiving a fetal syndrome diagnosis, funds life-saving research, increases fetal syndrome awareness, and shares leading medical information on fetal syndromes.

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The mission of the Twins Trust is to provide their families with the information and support they need to enable them to thrive.  They raise awareness, invest in research, and campaign for the best possible outcomes for their families.
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Providing a local resource for Australian families who are experiencing TTTS, ensuring these families have somewhere they can turn to during their difficult pregnancy, or after the loss of one or multiple babies.

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GLANCE is a global network representing newborns who are born prematurely, or sick. These infants have the greatest risk for death and disability. GLANCE firmly believes ever baby born deserves the best start in life.

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EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe is a unique, non-profit alliance of 949 rare disease patient organizations from 73 countries that work together to improve the lives of the 30 million people living with a rare disease in Europe.

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The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants is the first pan-European organization and network representing the interests of preterm and newborn infants and their families.

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ICOMBO aims to raise awareness of the unique needs of multiple-birth infants, children, adults, and their families promoting their health, education, and welfare.

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We’re a friend of Rare Disease Day. Every year on February 28th (or in leap years, the 29th) we’re proud to share our rare. Visit our Friend Page.

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Proud charity partners of Rare Revolution Magazine.

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Business Partners

Aussie Foods
Your favorite Australian Brands delivered right to your doorstep. Keep your pantry stocked with your favorite Aussie treats, even when you’re far from home. Tell them we sent you!
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Miss Neriss is a bespoke crochet and craft website run by the talented Nerissa Muijs, You can find out more about her, and her work on her website.

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Future TAPS Support Foundation Partners

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please get in touch. Our foundation partners with organizations across the world in the name of research and creating friendships.