€10,000 For Twin Research!

In 2021, our big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG) was to raise €10,000 to fund a part-time TAPS researcher within the LUMC in Leiden to continue research into Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence. Twins, and particularly research into TAPS have limited funding. Our goal is to raise funds for TAPS research, and also related conditions affecting monochorionic twins.

Twin Research Is Vital

We did it! Thanks to your generous donations and the epic Twin Run, we were able to hand over €11,000 for twin research at the LUMC. The money will be used to See the moment we told the hospital the news here:

Webinar Announcement

We also told the news at our webinar on the long-term effects of TAPS, because we really wanted to share the news live with our amazing TAPS community of families and researchers. This announcement impacts all of us as a community, as we are personally invested in TAPS research and know that this benefits us, as well as future patients.

TAPS Research Is Vital

Stay tuned as we keep you updated with the progress of our project. We will also be launching applications for new research project funding soon.

TAPS research is close to our hearts, as it affects our community. We will change the way monochorionic twins are diagnosed, treated and followed up as a team. It’s our mission.

Want to help us make change? Make a donation here and help us fund future twin research projects.

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