The Twin Run 2021

We’re still coming down from the excitement of the Twin Run! Who would have thought that our first major fundraising event would have been so incredibly successful, raising over €10,000 for twin research?

Let’s look back at the incredible moments and the highlights of the epic 3-day run.

twin run

The Twin Run

Day 1 saw us all on an early start in Hoorn, at the Dijklander Ziekenhuis. …

Day 2 started with some bad news.

Day 3

Day 3 started with the news that Mart could not run the Leiden Marathon due to his injury. 

Thank You Time!

The Twin Run would not have been possible without the amazing Mart Smit and his incredible idea. We’re also happy to say that he’s joining the TAPS Support Team as the head of our annual fundraiser – because we’ve decided to make this an annual event. Stay tuned for updates on this – but mark October 2022 in your agendas for the Second Twin Run!

To the Smit family and their friends, we are so grateful to you for not only lending us Mart, but also supporting him, and volunteering your time to be his road crew. Thank you to all of you.

To the incredible sponsors who helped us reach our target, thank you. We really appreciate your support!

To the 40 doctors, nurses, researchers and their families who joined in on Day 2, thank you for giving up your time, and your weekend to show your support – it means so much to us. Your amazing work is already rewarding families, but to support us like this even more is absolutely inspiring.

And finally, to all the donors, and the people who volunteered to take pictures, make food, bring food, give updates and everything else! You are appreciated and it shows that our community is strong and supportive. Thank you.

It might be over for 2021, but we’re still collecting donations for twin research! Make a donation here.


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