Annual General Meeting 2021

Table of Contents

Each year we hold a meeting with our whole team, to discuss the past year, and work on our plans for the next year.

This year was no exception, with nearly our whole 15 person team showing up for our Zoom meeting and lots of exciting conversations about the future. Covering the Twin Run, Rare Disease Day, International TAPS Day, and also some new research projects, we had a great and inspiring session.

Some interesting facts:

Last year, we raised €17,563.55 in donations, with the Twin Run our biggest financial success. This enabled us to give €11,000 to research, and fund our first ever research project.

Overall, we gave 67.6% of the money we raised to TAPS related projects, with our operational costs sitting at 14%. The remaining 18% of funds that we didn’t use this year in our research account has been allocated to 2022 research and support projects – and funds have already been disbursed to these projects in some cases!

As always, we don’t pay wages or executives with your donations – we’re all volunteers.


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