Meet The Team

Meet the team behind the TAPS Support Foundation here. From diverse backgrounds, we’re united in helping to bring TAPS research to the forefront and helping families connect.

The TAPS Support Foundation

The Board

Stephanie Ernst Stichting TAPS support

Ms. Stephanie Ernst

TAPS Nerd and Founder

A self-confessed TAPS Nerd,her passion is to deliver information about TAPS that is up to date and easy to understand. Stichting TAPS Support makes information about TAPS readily accessible, so that patients never feel alone in their diagnosis, while supporting research.


Dr. Ir. Marius Ernst

Co-Founder & Secretary

A regular dad keeping his mission in mind, Marius brings a grounding force to the energy of the TAPS Support Team.


katja schmitt taps support

Ms. Katja Schmitt-Weese

M.A. Nursing Science


Katie as she’s affectionately known, is passionate about a patient’s right to information about their care and access to research. She brings her research and front line care experience to TAPS Support to help support parents.


Our Patron

Enrico lopriore stichting taps support

Prof. Dr. Enrico Lopriore

Dr. Lopriore is a professor of neonatology and fetal medicine and head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). His area of expertise is in various fetal disorders, including complicated monochorionic twins with TTTS, TAPS and SIUGR

Our Advisory Panel

stichting taps support foundation femke slaghekke

Dr. Femke Slaghekke

Senior Research and Scientific Advisor

With intensive research and publications on the Solomon Laser Technique and TAPS, Femke is part of the Fetal Therapy Team at the LUMC in Leiden.  As an obstetrician and fetal therapist she is passionate about identical twins and improving their lives.

Dr. Lisanne Tollenaar

Research and Scientific Adviser

Passionate about research into TAPS, Lisanne has been completing her Ph.D. within the LUMC.  She has been part of the TAPS Trial and collaborated with 16 fetal therapy centers to analyze the data from the TAPS Registry.  Her research into delta MCA-PSV and the long-term effects of TAPS is vital for families.

Dr. Joanne Verweij

Research and Ethics Advisor

Joanne is part of the Fetal Therapy Team at the LUMC in Leiden. She is an obstetrician and fetal therapist. Her aim is to improve outcome for complicated monochorionic twins and their families. She has a special interest in perinatal ethics, with her research focusing on fetal therapy and extreme prematurity.

dr lauren nicholas stichting TAPS Support

Dr. Lauren Nicholas

Ethics, Advocacy and Clinical Guidelines Adviser

Lauren is a professor at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY. Her research focuses on monochorionic twinning, particularly the quality and quantity of antenatal care monochorionic patients receive and factors influencing disparities. 

Our Techspert

Mr. Jaap Fijen

Technical and Website Advisor LGBTQI+ & Inclusivity Advisor

As well as being a magician with SEO and website building and creation, Jay brings his skills as a photographer and designer. Jay designed our amazing logo. He brings his years of technical and creative experience and provides our team with advice on inclusive language and practices.


Heads of Mischief

emilie and mathilde stichting taps support

Emilie and Mathilde

Born at 31 weeks in 2013, at the LUMC, Emilie and Mathilde are the inspiration behind TAPS Support. Their story shows that TAPS can be a challenge, but that it can also be a success story. They are recognized internationally as being the face of TAPS. Their biggest priority is who gets the last cookie and which K3 song should be played next.

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