International TAPS Day 2024

International TAPS Day recognizes the research and educates others about TAPS and related diseases. Since the publication of the very first paper naming our disease on March 3, 2006, TAPS has been a controversial diagnosis, shrouded in myths and misunderstandings.

TAPS Awareness Day on March 3

Over the past 18 years of research into Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS), significant updates and changes have been made to how we diagnose and treat this rare disease affecting monochorionic twins. However many myths and misunderstandings about TAPS exist, and this year we want to create an open forum for educating parents and professionals.

During the period of March 1st to 9th, we’ll be running a campaign about TAPS, from diagnosis, to delivery and beyond, talking about the changes in diagnostic criteria, considerations for TAPS twins at birth, and the need for long term follow-ups.

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Free International TAPS Day Resources

From social media posts, to hashtags, to images and research papers – we have you covered. Click here to go to our free resources library, and create your own social media campaign. In most cases, you’ll just need to add your logo!

Faces of TAPS – Your TAPS Story

We’re spreading awareness across the world about TAPS, and some of our families are sharing their stories. Learn more about what parents want the world to know here.

Educating Professionals

This year we plan to run a series of webinars on TTTS, TAPS and SFGR. Please stay tuned on our social media as we finalise plans. This will be supported by, and held in conjunction with the incredible Fetal Therapy team at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Tickets will be available , with pre-registration available soon.. 

We anticipate the cost to be around €75 per place, with proceeds going directly to fund the Well Bee Study.

About the Well Bee Study

The Well Bee study aims to investigate the impact of a complicated monochorionic multiple pregnancy on the quality of life of their families. They have to deal with fear and uncertainty about the health and survival chances of their babies, both during pregnancy and after birth.

This might lead to a high degree of stress and depressive thoughts. In the Well Bee Study, the LUMC will talk to parents to find out how they experienced this time. They will try to find out what helped them, and what they missed. With this, the LUMC hopes to be able to better help and support parents of complicated multiple pregnancies in the future, thereby improving the well-being of both the parents and their pregnancies.

More information here.

Free Parent Information Sessions

As part of the activities around International TAPS Day, we are also planning a series of free parent information sessions, designed to update parents on the latest research and what the longer term holds for their children.

These sessions will also include experts and are designed to answer parents’ questions about their diagnosis in plain language. We believe that breaking down the barriers that exist between the research and medical world, and the patient community is integral for improving patient well-being, and educating everyone on essential knowledge. These webinars are provided for free, with leading experts available to talk about the questions patients want to know.

Pre-registration is available here, with more information to follow in the new year regarding session times and topics.

Volunteering for International TAPS Day activities

We’re always keen to have both families and professionals volunteer to provide their insights, quotes, videos and research to our TAPS awareness day activities. If you’d like to share your story, your innovative research, or a video about the need to educate the world about Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence, please get in touch with Stephanie – +31 629 841 203 or

Interested in participating in our events as a professional? Get in touch.

International TAPS Day save the date world awareness taps twins twin anemia polycthemia sequence
International TAPS Day save the date world awareness taps twins twin anemia polycthemia sequence

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities do exist for International TAPS Day, with funds needed to cover the administrative costs of running the day, and the expenses of those involved with the program, including advertising, design and travel. Your company could help us spread the knowledge about TAPS further, with a donation as small as €250 (but not limited to this amount!).

As an official sponsor of International TAPS Day, you’d receive recognition in our social media and on our website, and the opportunity to reach thousands of professionals and families worldwide with your message and show community support to twin and multiple birth families.

If you’re interested in helping us educate the world on Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence, please email our team at .

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